By Susan Barfield /
July 15, 2023

Vaping and E-cigarettes: Juul Health Side Effects

Electronic (e)-cigarettes have been marketed as a healthy alternative to traditional smoking because they eliminate tobacco, which is a known carcinogen. However, cigarettes contain many chemicals beyond tobacco and e-cigarettes share many of the same.

Despite Juul’s mission to “improve the lives of 1 billion adult smokers by eliminating cigarettes,” research has shown Juul and other e-cigarette options have negative side effects on not only the lungs, but the arteries, heart, and cardiovascular system.

E-Cigarettes and Juul:

Commonly called ‘vaping’, e-cigarettes work by converting liquid nicotine into a vapor that the user inhales. They’re battery-operated and provide a similar stimulus to that of smoking regular cigarettes.

While there are multiple options of nicotine vapes on the market, Juul has gained popularity for its sleek design and variety of flavors. Their high nicotine content used to be an anomaly in the e-cigarette market, but now researchers note it has set the standard for nicotine levels across all e-cigarettes. After Juul’s spike in popularity, other e-cigarette manufacturers followed suit and increased their nicotine levels.

Harmful Side Effects Linked to Vaping…

Severe Damage to the Lining of Your Arteries

In a recent study published by the European Heart Journal, researchers concluded that even light use of e-cigarettes and other vaping products like Juul can cause similar detrimental changes in the cardiovascular health of heavy cigarette smokers. Researchers found that participants heart rate increased, their arteries stiffened, and the inner lining of the arteries known as the endothelium, stopped working properly. These startling results were found after just 2 puffs per minute over a 20-minute period, which is considered moderate use by most e-cigarette users.

Decreased Blood Flow to the Heart

In a separate recent study by the Smidt Heart Institute, a team of researchers studied healthy, young-adult smokers aged 18 to 38 who were regular users of e-cigarettes or traditional tobacco cigarettes. The scientists measured blood flow to the heart based on coronary vascular function by stress testing participants with handgrip exercises which stimulates physiological stress.

The results showed that in traditional cigarette smokers, blood flow increased slightly after they inhaled and decreased while doing the hand exercises. However, in ‘vapers’, blood flow decreased both after inhalation and during the stress test. The contrast in results suggests e-cigarette use interferes with the regulation of blood flow to the heart.

The study’s co-author Dr. Florian Rader warned “for e-cigarette smokers, I would say this provides another cautionary note, and it’s also justification for larger research studies.” Dr. Rader is a renowned cardiologist and hypertension specialist at the Smidt Heart Institute.

Future Research

Since e-cigarette use is increasing, aggressive steps are warranted to warn users of the associated health risks. As a next step in Dr. Rader’s ongoing research to uncover the harmful side effects of vaping, the doctors plan to study the mechanisms underlying changes in the heart and blood vessels. Additionally, they plan to study the effects of e-cigarettes across a larger, more diverse group of participants.

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