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Leverage For Exponential Growth

Case Works deploys sophisticated analytics, technology, proven mass tort expertise and client-focused communication to engage and retain more clients and yield more compensable cases. Your result: dramatically increased value in your mass tort portfolio.

We solve the complex problems of managing large volumes of mass tort cases while maintaining an empathetic, human connection with your clients. Transparently. Securely.

Built with one purpose in mind:

To give large law firms the leverage to help more people.

F.A.C.T.S. About Our Leverage

Ready To Scale Your Mass Tort Portfolio?

There Had To Be A Better Way

In 2015, a simple request to help my dear friend’s firm produce accurate, high-quality medical record reviews quickly revealed that the entire case development process was in dire need of an upgrade. This realization sparked the passion that fuels Case Works to this day:

The passion to help lawyers help more people.

What began as a small group of dedicated nurses has expanded to encompass industry leaders, legal veterans, technology innovators, and empathetic client care specialists.

Together, we are driven to create the necessary solutions that empower lawyers with the leverage to serve more clients.

Pioneering the Future of Case Development

Data-Enabled, Client Focused, Results Driven.

Case Works is geared to manage the ever-constant changes in mass tort and personal injury litigation. Ultimately what works today may not work for tomorrow’s challenges.

We are always looking towards the future. Constantly innovating, striving for continual process improvement. Pushing the boundaries of case management solutions to increase client communication and retention, accelerating medical record retrieval and review, leveraging the benefits of data sharing and transparency, while automating workflow processes at scale.

Proprietary Innovations You Can Leverage

We innovate solutions to empower people, not replace them. By leveraging technology and AI, we exponentially increase the ability to serve more clients, transforming your existing team into a leveraged team.

Our proprietary, universal API, Case Connector™, enables direct integration with your current case management platform, eliminating the need for any changes or upgrades on your end.

This secure connection allows fully worked-up cases and records to be synced directly to you while maintaining the same file structure and protocols you have in place now.

Our cutting-edge platform offers unparalleled real-time access to case information and updates, empowering you with the knowledge of exactly where each case stands.

By breaking down barriers and removing bottlenecks that hinder the case development process, we facilitate instant connection and collaboration with every client, ensuring a user-friendly and results-driven experience.

Every phase of our case development process has been refined to optimize compensability and unlock the hidden savings which can be lost in legacy internal case development.

By removing inefficiencies, accelerating case velocity, and increasing client retention, our partners often see a 30% increase or higher in overall mass tort portfolio value.

Comprehensive Capabilities, Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Experience Seamless Solutions From Beginning To End

Lead Qualification & Intake

Converting Potential Into Compensable

Lead Complete™ initiates this process by directly connecting with your prospective client at the beginning of their journey, converting interest into a signed retainer and HIPAA.

Rapid Record Solutions™

Experience Precision at Speed

Leverage unprecedented speed and precision with Case Works’ Rapid Record Solutions™ harnessing AI for swift, accurate medical record retrieval and review under a predictable pricing model.

Case Development

Tech Enabled, Client Focused & Compensability Driven

Case Ready™ enables an efficient transition of mass tort cases from the stage of signed retainer to being fully proven and filed with the MDL, thereby increasing the quality and compensability of your cases.

Client Engagement & Support

Transform Your Clients Into Raving Fans

ClientXperience™ enables you to stay connected and engaged with each client throughout your entire docket, enhancing your ability to scale up more cases with better service and fewer obstacles.

Leverage Our Experience

Trusted By The Nation’s Largest Mass Tort Firms

Our clients typically experience a 30% increase in case value and a 40% increase in portfolio growth.

Exclusive Partners to Elite Industry Leading Law Firms

The extent to which we integrate with our law firm partners means we cannot work with everyone.

Our solutions are custom-calibrated to deliver the specific client engagement and case development goals as your mass tort practice scales. We are not a replacement, we are an enhancement.

An enhancement that gives your team and technology the ability to do what others can’t.


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Find Out How Case Works Can Increase Your Returns Across Your Entire Portfolio


Deferred case development expenses until settlement dramatically reduces free cash requirements allowing more cases to be acquired, worked up and added to the portfolio.


Structured data and AI paints the full picture of value in your mass tort portfolio;

  • Trends across marketing vendors and channels
  • Case merits for allocation of capital
  • Identifying bellwether cases
  • Injury, case merit and state distribution
  • Settlement tiering and packet generation
Routinized client focused, omni-channel communication ensures your clients know you care, are working hard on their behalf and remain informed and engaged until case settlement.

Secure, SOC2-level systems fully integrated to your system of record ensure real time case updates, status and end-to-end transparency. Configurable portfolio reporting delivers feeds directly to the BI dashboard of your choice.


Built-to-scale solutions workforce allows your mass tort portfolio to grow without increasing your team or P/L.

Matrixed project teams ensure an effective formula of expertise and operational leverage.