For Mass Tort & Personal Injury Law Firms

Avoid the cost, stress and frustration that often comes with hiring additional support staff at your firm. Case Works can handle the entire case development process from intake through filing.


Of Your Case Development without Hiring or Training More Staff

The administrative tasks that come with litigation can be complex and time consuming. In fact, they can often become so burdensome that they leave attorneys and staff members feeling overwhelmed.

When that happens the quality of a firm’s legal work can suffer. Clients can be lost due to a lack of engagement and the amount of financial recovery for a case can be less than optimal.

At Case Works, we have developed a streamlined and highly efficient system that enables us to handle all of your mass tort administrative tasks. Attorneys and staff members are then free to focus on other important areas to ensure a successful litigation.


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October 12-14, 2022

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What is Case Works?

Our team is dedicated to using our proven mass tort methodology and protocols to enable more cases to be fully worked up.
New Client Onboarding & Welcome Call

We Specialize In

Our scope of services can be tailored to provide as much or as little support as you may need
Client Diagnostic Service Coordination
Client Management & Communication
Filing of Cases
Case Operations Management
Plaintiff Form Creation

How It Works?

At the root of our success, is our case development process that has been honed and developed over the years – tried and tested with each area backed by training, protocols and metrics. Our Case Ready™ process enables us to process cases quickly, accurately, and systematically.


We contact your client

to review and confirm all case info for accuracy and quality

We order medical records

All records are reviewed by our certified medical staff to gather the critical medical facts of your client’s case

Case synced to your firm

Fully develop case synced to your firm’s case management system using our case works case connector

Why Choose Us

Save Time

Increase the speed, accuracy and quality of your case development

Increase Efficiency

Make the administrative side of your litigation process much more efficient


Streamline your process and eliminate procedures that can lead to confusion and poor outcomes

Save Money

Avoid having to hire and train additional staff, which can be stressful and time consuming

Less Admin

Free up yourself and your staff to focus on settling your clients’ cases rather than having to deal with administrative tasks

We are awesome at what we do!
Don’t take our word for it. See what our partner law firms have to say about us.

Acting as an extension of our team, Case Works provides a fantastic experience for our clients. This saves us from hiring additional staff as our mass tort case load grows.

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