Enhance Your Rapid Record Retrieval and Injury Verification Process with Case Works’ Rapid Record Solutions™

Rapid verification, particularly in mass tort cases, is pivotal. It’s not merely about speed; it’s about the accuracy and integrity of the cases you choose to pursue.

Strategies for Enhancing Rapid Record Retrieval and Injury Verification

The Case Works Approach to Rapid Record Retrieval and Injury Verification

At Case Works, our method involves a meticulous blend of technology and expertise

Rapid Record Retrieval

We have streamlined our processes to ensure that record retrieval is not a bottleneck in your case workflow. By expediting this step, we enable faster case progression and decision-making.

Comprehensive Injury Verification

Our rapid retrieval process crucially verifies the legitimacy of medical records, quickly identifying discrepancies indicative of fraudulent leads.

You will be able to confidently move every case forward with full assurance that your hard work and financial investments are not wasted.

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Peace of Mind

In today’s complicated HIPAA environment, choosing the right method of accessing and reviewing private medical data is more important than ever. Our experienced team of medical staff, legal professionals, and technical experts is nationally recognized for our unsurpassed understanding of HIPAA requirements and state privacy laws.

Compliance with HIPAA and the completeness of your records are our top priorities so you can advance your cases without the fear of potential HIPAA violations.

Since 2015, the nation’s largest mass tort law firms have trusted us as the go-to case management solution for their cases.

“Partnering with Case Works was one of the best decisions our firm made. Their innovative solutions allowed our firm to significantly leverage our team’s capabilities. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the results.”

— Seth Meyer of Keller Postman

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Protect Your Investment with Our Proprietary Case Validation Processes

Rapid Record Solutions™ filters out unqualified cases, allowing you to devote your time and resources to viable cases.

Our team at Case Works enriches every client’s information by searching a nationwide database to return the following 25 year histories:


Current and past
phone numbers


Known relatives
and associates

Do you have a massive list of client inquiries?

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Re-engage with Unresponsive Clients

During our validation process, we gather comprehensive information about every client. This data allows us to re-engage with clients who may have become unresponsive. Contact us today to learn more about how we can reestablish contact with your unresponsive clients as part of our comprehensive case management services.

Give Your Firm a Competitive Edge with a Complete Medical Record for Every Qualifying Case

Without a complete medical record, you have no case. When you leverage Rapid Record Solutions, you will quickly gain access to medical datasets.

Tap Into Our Nationwide EHR Network

We are connected to a nationwide electronic health records network and numerous health information exchanges, allowing us to access comprehensive medical data. We then filter the data through our AI to develop a prediction report to detect qualifying criteria for each client. The cases in which AI fails to detect qualifying criteria will be returned to our medical review team for further research to ensure we don’t miss any qualifying injuries.

Nurse Validation of Every Qualifying Report

Our experienced nurses have detailed knowledge specific to each tort. They will validate all AI findings to ensure critical medical data is not missed.

Our Rapid Record Solutions Is the Fastest, Easiest Solution in the Industry

Our proprietary Rapid Record Solutions™ minimizes the time required to retrieve the comprehensive medical data you need to prepare your clients’ cases effectively. Whether your client list is less than a hundred or in the thousands, our turn around times are unparalleled in the industry.

We can integrate your comprehensive medical report and data directly into your client management system, allowing you to access detailed, accurate information ten times faster than the industry standard.

Unparalleled Cost Savings with Our Flat-Rate Pricing Structure

Your costs will always be predictable because we use a flat-rate pricing model rather than charging facility or page fees.

By being aware of these industry challenges and adopting practices like those at Case Works, your firm can:

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You can count on our in-house team of medical professionals to reduce error rates and help you obtain the best possible outcomes for each client through Rapid Record Solutions™. We are your trusted and efficient partner for all your mass tort case management needs. Contact us today to schedule a free discovery call.