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Our founders story

Life Had Other Plans

In 2008, I found myself standing in the heart of U of T Austin, grappling with the simultaneous demands of three jobs and a nursing bachelor’s program. Time was scarce, resources were stretched, and yet, the next challenge loomed – retaking the two most challenging courses.

To fully understand my journey, we must travel back to my roots…

The youngest of four children, I was brought up in a household where integrity, honesty, and hard work were ingrained values. Our parents set high expectations for us; our days often began early with studying, assisting in household chores, or helping our mother in her real estate endeavors. This upbringing prepared me for most challenges.

But at this point, even my robust upbringing seemed overshadowed by the magnitude of the challenges I faced.

Becoming a single mother early in life had tested my resolve but also cemented my determination to secure a better future for my daughter and myself. I chose nursing at UT Austin as my path to that future. However, by 2008, after juggling multiple jobs and academics, I was on the verge of succumbing to the overwhelming pressure.

But fate had other plans…

In this moment of profound desolation, a beacon of hope appeared. A compassionate representative from student services offered to assist. Through his guidance, I was introduced to a foundation whose generous support covered my tuition, rent, and utilities. This was the lifeline I needed, enabling me to direct my undivided attention to my studies. Fueled by grit and determination, I completed my degree with top honors.

Being a nurse brought a unique perspective to my professional life. It gave me an acute understanding of the human body, the complexities of medical records, and more importantly, the art of human connection. This connection, the ability to empathize with patients, and the subsequent comprehensive view of their medical history, became invaluable tools in my subsequent roles.

In 2013, while working as Director of Operations for an Austin-based medical startup when I was unexpectedly called upon to take the leadership reins and was promoted to V.P. of Operations. I managed operations, clinical outcomes, and P&Ls for our national centers, bringing my unique nursing perspective into this leadership role.

However, destiny had another chapter waiting for me…

Someone dear to me reached out asking if I would be interested in helping create an Eminent Domain Practice Group for his law firm. A sense of loyalty and purpose inspired me to accept his request. My efforts culminated in the creation of Preeminent National Consulting, which quickly rose to be the most successful vendor of its kind in Texas.

Recognizing the unique value I brought with my medical background, he asked me to assemble a team of nurses to handle medical reviews for mass tort cases. Seeing an opportunity to marry my nursing expertise with the legal world…

I founded Case Works.

Renowned for its impeccable understanding of complex medical records and its empathetic human approach. Our team, imbued with the values of hard work and integrity, ensures unparalleled service delivery.

My journey, from a struggling nursing student to the founder of a successful venture, is a testament to the power of resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. And it’s these qualities that I bring to every relationship, fostering trust and reliability with our esteemed clientele.

Founded in 2015

What began as a small group of dedicated nurses has expanded to encompass industry leaders, legal veterans, technology innovators, and empathetic client care specialists.

Together, we are driven to create the necessary solutions that empower lawyers with the leverage to serve more clients.

Our Purpose is Impact

It is the core of who we are and the why behind our mission. Because It’s not just a case, we are on a mission to impact a family, a person, a life.


Justice embodies our steadfast commitment to upholding fairness in each case we handle. We are dedicated to ensuring equality in the legal field, striving for thorough attention that leads to equitable outcomes.


Compassion guides us in our interactions, mindful of the distress often tied to legal issues. We deliver our services with heartfelt sensitivity and respect, harboring a deep-seated aspiration to alleviate burden.

One Life

“One Life” profoundly underlines our belief in the significance of each individual’s journey. We regard each case as more than a file—it’s a life, a unique narrative, a human spirit. We passionately conduct our work, knowing that our efforts can forge transformative impacts in the lives we touch.


To us, empathy involves immersing ourselves in the experiences of our clients and attorneys to fully comprehend their needs. Empathy fuels our drive to devise personalized, effective, and understanding solutions.

Our Values Match Our Responsibility

We understand the gravity of what is at stake for those we serve and as a team, we embrace the immense responsibility that is placed upon us. A responsibility that drives us to be exceptional.

Creating a culture of excellence and pride. Unified in our Mission and Bonded by our values.

Case Works Commitment to Data Security

Case Works maintains SOC 2 compliance in accordance with American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) standards for SOC for Service Organizations. Achieving this standard with an unqualified opinion serves as third-party industry validation that Case Works provides enterprise-level security for customers’ data secured in the Case Works ‘System.

Case Works provides a cloud-based community management and virtual event platform to customers throughout the United States.

This globally recognized attestation validates our commitment to critical security standards to protect and secure client data.

Case Works has built an extensive data security ecosystem using proprietary software, as well as industry best-of-breed technologies, to protect our customers, class members, and business from the multitude of today’s external security threats. These efforts ensure that data is protected whether it’s processed through case websites, documents, emails, or any other transmission method. An unqualified opinion on a SOC 2 audit report demonstrates to Case Work’s current and future customers that we manage their data with the highest standard of security and compliance.

SOC 2 Certified

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Badassitude signifies our relentless drive to win and a ceaseless pursuit of excellence. We are fierce problem-solvers, committed to outperforming in every situation to ensure our clients’ success.


Love means having a deep-seated passion for our work and serving our clients. But it also incorporates tough love, pushing each other and our clients towards continual improvement and excellence.


Owning it reflects our commitment to take full responsibility for our actions and outcomes. We face challenges with resolve, embracing accountability as a key to delivering top-tier services.


5 Star Leadership embodies setting the highest standards and leading by example. We foster a culture that champions growth, innovation, and excellence in every aspect of our work.


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