We Are Best In Our Field

Our team is dedicated to using our proven mass tort methodology and protocols to enable more cases to be fully worked up.

What Makes Us Special?


Our People, Process & Technology

If you ask Case Works clients why they love working with us, you’ll hear two things come up again and again…..high quality work and great customer service.

We know the stakes are high, so our team is dedicated to using our proven mass tort and personal injury methodology and protocols to enable more cases to be fully worked up.

Our Expert Team

The leadership and staff at Case Works have decades of experience supporting some of the most successful mass tort and personal injury firms in the nation. Our team is comprised of attorneys, nurses, and healthcare professionals who understand the nuances of the legal industry and know how to deliver results you can trust.

Our medical review team’s experience stems from ER, ICU and Critical Care, giving them insight that others would miss and a perspective that others can’t match.


Competent, Trustworthy, & Professional

Quite simply, we just love what we do! We’re passionate about supporting our clients while they seek justice for their clients. We deliver on 100% of our commitments and promises.


Automation & Security

Our team has assembled a state-of-the-art technology platform designed to safely and efficiently manage cases and provide great reporting to keep you up to speed on the status of your clients.

Susan Barfield

Founder & Chair at Case Works

How It All Started

In 2015, Susan Barfield was approached by a mass tort firm who needed help with medical review for their growing case load. Together with a few nurse friends, Susan tackled the medical review, but also spotted a bigger opportunity to improve the firm’s entire case management system.

By streamlining processes and driving efficiency, the firm increased the speed, accuracy and quality of case development resulting in more filed cases and larger recoveries for plaintiffs. The firm’s client’s also noticed a big improvement in communication and customer service. Turns out there were other law firms that needed a hand managing case development and Case Works was born.

Culture Is King

When we founded Case Works, we wanted to build a culture that sets, expects and rewards high standards and performance. We’ve taken the time to build a strong team that is founded on collaboration, ownership, and love.
At Case Works, every person has a voice – our culture values are about encouraging people to take ownership, and no matter where you are in the organization, becoming a leader that drives results.

We want every member of our team to love our company, our teammates, our clients, and possess a palpable sense of intensity in the way we do our job because we love to win and won’t settle for less than the absolute best.

At Case Works, we encourage team members to have the confidence to own certain business processes and drive solutions. If the solution requires the help of others, team members are always willing to jump in and help their teammates. Case Works is a complete success formula. It requires the harmonized work of different teams. If any component of the team breaks down, the whole success formula breaks down. No one team is superior over the other. Each team member is just as critical to the overall team as the next team member. We are all dependent on each other. When one of us succeeds, we all celebrate.