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Lead Qualification & Intake

Converting Potential Into Compensable

Lead Complete™ initiates this process by directly connecting with your prospective client at the beginning of their journey, converting interest into a signed retainer and HIPAA.

Rapid Record Solutions™

Experience Precision at Speed

Leverage unprecedented speed and precision with Case Works’ Rapid Record Solutions™ harnessing AI for swift, accurate medical record retrieval and review under a predictable pricing model.

Case Development

Tech Enabled, Client Focused & Compensability Driven

Case Ready™ enables an efficient transition of mass tort cases from the stage of signed retainer to being fully proven and filed with the MDL, thereby increasing the quality and compensability of your cases.

Client Engagement & Support

Transform Your Clients Into Raving Fans

ClientXperience™ enables you to stay connected and engaged with each client throughout your entire docket, enhancing your ability to scale up more cases with better service and fewer obstacles.

Each solution contributes exceptional value to the others. Generating downstream effects of a 30%+ increase in ROI and a 40%+ increase in docket growth.

Lead Qualification & Intake

Revolutionize Your Firm’s Success

Eliminate Fall-Off Rates and Increase Downstream Profit with Lead Complete™
More of the Cases You Want, with Zero Surprises Down the Road

We recognize that, for esteemed law firms, the conversion of plaintiff interest into signed retainers and the assurance that cases meet stringent criteria are of paramount importance.

Regrettably, we have observed the negative impact of unqualified cases inundating our clients’ dockets, leading to dual rep issues, lost revenue, and distorted docket value projections.

To revolutionize this process, we introduce Lead Complete™

A groundbreaking solution designed to eliminate non-qualified cases from encumbering your docket while simultaneously augmenting lead conversion for cases that align with your firm’s objectives..

Lead Complete™ transcends the capabilities of conventional call center services, distinguishing ourselves through empathy, rapport-building, and an in-depth comprehension of mass tort cases. These attributes culminate in industry-leading conversion rates, fostering an immediate relationship of trust between your valued clients and your distinguished firm.

Imagine a call where the lead is not only converted to a retainer, but also…

Upon signing the retainer and medical authorization, our team expeditiously initiates the onboarding process by conducting a comprehensive welcome call, establishing rapport on behalf of your distinguished firm, and meticulously gathering all essential medical and pertinent information to order medical records, all within the first call. This streamlined approach has yielded extraordinary results and success.

Drastically increasing the compensability of a case, eliminating the 20%-30% roll off rate, and creating greater downstream profit.

By entrusting us with the management of this process, your team can allocate their resources to other high-impact areas, secure in the knowledge that client conversion and case qualification are expertly handled by our unparalleled service.

Case Works Rapid Record Solutions™ is a cutting-edge service revolutionizing the landscape of medical record retrieval and review. Rapid Record Retrieval boasts an average turnaround time of 5-7 business days, allowing law firms swift access to critical data embedded in their case portfolio.

The pricing model is equally appealing, with a flat fee structure for record pulls, eliminating unpredictable per-page costs. Even in cases where no records are found, only a nominal fee applies. This expedited service not only speeds up case review and progression but also offers an additional safeguard for marketing investments. If your marketing company operates on a 7+ day lead replacement schedule, Case Works’ Rapid Record Retrieval can order records to validate the legitimacy of your leads. By ensuring both a real person and a valid case, your existing investment is protected, and you can confidently continue investing in a reliable marketing channel.

We are eager to become your esteemed partner and demonstrate the remarkable success that numerous prestigious firms have experienced with our Lead Complete™ team.

Find Out How Case Works Can Increase Your Returns Across Your Entire Portfolio

Streamline Your Medical Record Retrieval and Review Process

We are proud to introduce our cutting-edge Rapid Record Solutions™, revolutionizing the landscape of medical record retrieval and review. With our Rapid Record Retrieval™ service boasting an average turnaround time of 5-7 business days, you gain swift access to critical data embedded in your case portfolio, empowering your firm to make informed decisions quickly.

Rapid Record Retrieval™

Swift Access to Critical Data

Experience rapid access to essential medical records within an average turnaround time of 5-7 business days through our Rapid Record Retrieval™ service. Our practical understanding of HIPAA requirements and state law ensures the timely and cost-effective delivery of medical records to your law firm. We work closely with trusted medical retrieval vendors, meeting the highest standards and handling even the most complex requests with ease.

Unmatched Speed, Certainty, and Cost-Effectiveness

Unlock an expedited process that saves you time, effort, and costs associated with traditional record retrieval methods. Our flat fee structure for record pulls ensures cost certainty, eliminating unpredictable per-page charges. Even in cases where no records are found, you only incur a nominal fee, providing additional safeguards for your marketing investments.

Ensure Legitimacy, Protect Your Investment

If your marketing company operates on a 7+ day lead replacement schedule, our Rapid Record Retrieval™ can order records to validate the legitimacy of your leads. By verifying the presence of a real person and a valid case, you can confidently protect your existing investment and continue investing in a reliable marketing channel.

Rapid Record Review™

Elevate Accuracy and Compensability

Our Rapid Record Review™ service optimizes your case review process by leveraging AI technology, proprietary protocols, and our team of experienced nurses who possess a deep understanding of each tort, enabling a meticulous evaluation of medical records. By evaluating, coding, and flagging relevant records, they ensure an efficient and value-enhancing medical records review process, resulting in increased accuracy and enhanced compensability of each case.

Accelerate Your Case Review with AI-Powered Rapid Record Review™

Leverage our AI-powered Rapid Record Review™ service to expedite the review process. Customized lenses built for each tort and firm extract relevant information and present it in a comprehensive report or directly integrate it into your client management system. Delivering a 10x speed savings with unparalleled accuracy, allowing you to focus on building strong cases and optimizing your resources.

Unrivaled Expertise and Unmatched Results

Case Works is a trusted leader in the industry, delivering exceptional results through our Rapid Record Solutions™. Our in-house team of medical professionals, including experienced nurses, possesses an unparalleled understanding of each tort, implementing proven protocols to ensure optimal outcomes for each of your client’s cases. By reducing error rates, saving time and money, and strengthening your clients’ cases, we are your reliable and efficient partner in the medical records review process.

Integrate the Power of Rapid Record Solutions™ Today

Ready to streamline your medical record retrieval and review process? Contact our team at Case Works today to experience the unmatched speed, certainty, and cost-effectiveness of our Rapid Record Solutions™. Gain a competitive edge, accelerate case progression, and maximize the value of your mass tort portfolio today.

Comprehensive Case Development

Leverage For Exponential Growth

Experience exponential growth and transform your firm with Case Ready™, a comprehensive suite of services expertly tailored to address your unique case development needs.

Our all-encompassing solutions deliver exceptional value and profound benefits across various aspects of your legal practice.

As a fully integrated extension of your legal practice, we provide the same level of dedication and commitment to your clients that you do.

Our innovative approach combines cutting-edge technology, artificial intelligence, and genuine human connection to manage tens of thousands of cases, ensuring each client feels like your only client.

Experience true leverage, fuel the exponential growth of your mass tort portfolio, and redeploy your internal staff to focus on other essential functions.

The Comprehensive Solution For All Your Case Development Needs

One Partner, One Process, and One Extraordinary Outcome

Case Ready™ represents a holistic, all-embracing case development solution, tailored to your distinct requirements. Our steadfast commitment to outstanding performance and premier customer service assures a seamless and proficient experience.

Opt for our extensive range of services or confide in us to manage the entire scope of your firm’s needs, from the signed retainer to the ultimate end result.

Our innovative onboarding solutions are designed to efficiently manage the intake of numerous clients, while maintaining a personalized and professional approach.

By utilizing our cutting-edge technology and industry expertise, we ensure that each new client feels welcomed and their expectations are appropriately set. We take on the responsibility of handling the entire onboarding process, from the initial introduction to the detailed gathering of client information.

As a result, your attorneys are able to dedicate their time and energy to what truly matters: building strong relationships with clients and addressing their specific legal needs.

We excel in addressing the complex task of swiftly procuring and organizing medical documents and records for mass tort cases.

We acknowledge the significance of these records in constructing a formidable case and their crucial role in accelerating the legal process. Our sophisticated technology and adept team streamline the acquisition of patients’ health care histories and ongoing medical treatments, guaranteeing your firm’s timely access to essential information.

We meticulously organize the acquired records, facilitating a seamless navigation experience for your attorneys and enabling them to construct robust cases grounded in precise information.

At Case Works, we recognize the success of a mass tort case hinges on the mastery of medical record analysis.

Our expert nurses, trained in the subtleties of medical documentation, are committed to ensuring that every document is scrutinized with precision. With an unwavering focus on extracting relevant information, our nurses meticulously review each record and summarize their contents for the attorneys’ benefit.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and resources, our comprehensive approach to medical record review is unparalleled in the industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to identify and extract the key details from the voluminous amount of documents required for mass tort litigation.

Our nurses’ discerning eye for detail and medical expertise allow us to deliver a level of service that is unrivaled in the industry, ensuring that every case is fully compliant and maximized for the highest compensability.

We recognize the paramount significance of diagnostic services in constructing a persuasive case.

As such, we have forged strategic partnerships with esteemed medical professionals to deliver all-encompassing diagnostic services, furnishing the indispensable evidence required to bolster your client’s claim compellingly.

Our team of medical experts are committed to delivering accurate and timely diagnostic reports that are fully compliant with HIPAA requirements and state law.

Through our extensive suite of services, rest assured that your mass tort case will be constructed upon a robust foundation of dependable, evidence-based medical documentation.

Allow our team of seasoned experts to guide you through the intricate terrain of mass tort litigation with unwavering confidence and accuracy.

At the heart of any successful case is a strong attorney-client relationship built on trust and communication. However, with thousands of clients involved in these cases, maintaining direct contact with each individual can be a daunting task.

We recognize the crucial necessity of maintaining consistent communication with clients throughout the entire litigation process. To that end, we have devised a holistic communication strategy, employing cutting-edge technology and resources to ensure your clients remain informed and engaged at each critical juncture.

Employing customized updates and client portals that facilitate real-time access to case information, we are steadfastly dedicated to delivering unparalleled service tailored to each client’s distinctive needs. Our proven approach to communication guarantees that clients remain apprised throughout the litigation process, alleviating anxiety and cultivating trust between the attorney and client.

Trust us to keep your clients informed and engaged throughout the process, and let us help you deliver the results that your clients deserve.

We recognize that managing mass tort cases demands a multifaceted approach, combining legal expertise with outstanding operational support. We provide comprehensive services which allow elite law firms to focus on their core responsibilities, while we attend to the intricate details using proprietary technology and expert resources.

Our unwavering commitment to quality control ensures that every task is completed with meticulous attention to detail, delivering exceptional results and securing the compensation that your clients deserve.

Plaintiff forms serve as a fundamental instrument in the acquisition of pertinent information from clients, frequently mandated by the judicial system. These standardized documents adeptly facilitate the management of thousands of plaintiffs in mass tort cases, streamlining the process for esteemed law firms.

With our expert team at your disposal, there is no need to personally dispatch these forms to your clients. We take on the responsibility of data collection on your behalf, ensuring the seamless and accurate aggregation of all the essential information you require.

By partnering with Case Works, your distinguished firm can continue to focus on delivering unparalleled legal representation, confident in the knowledge that your information gathering needs are expertly managed by our adept team of professionals.

In a single event case, a meticulously crafted demand letter is essential, as it delineates the foundation of the legal claim and makes a cogent demand for restitution.

Recognizing the significance of this crucial step, our proficient team approaches the preparation of your demand letters with the utmost caution and diligence, ensuring a solid groundwork for your case.

As the critical juncture to file your mass tort case approaches, our team of exceptional paralegals stand ready to offer unwavering and comprehensive support. Our steadfast dedication ensures the meticulous execution of each indispensable step in the process, from the thorough preparation of all pertinent documentation to the precise filing of cases with the appropriate court.

Maintaining consistent client engagement is crucial, particularly in the context of protracted mass tort cases, where clients may become less responsive over time. Case Works offers the solution to this challenge, providing a dedicated team that specializes in fostering seamless communication with your clients, ensuring they remain wholly invested in both your practice and the progression of their individual cases.

By leveraging Case Works’ comprehensive suite of case development services, your distinguished firm can effectively keep clients engaged and informed. Our unparalleled expertise bolsters your firm’s success and client satisfaction, offering a robust solution to the inherent challenges in managing long-lasting mass tort cases.

Ready To Scale Your Mass Tort Portfolio?

Client Engagement & Retention

Discover ClientXperience™

The Ultimate Integrated Solution for Elite Law Firms Aiming to Amplify Client Engagement and Support.

In the fast-paced legal world, maintaining a strong and meaningful connection with your clients is crucial. However, it can become overwhelming when handling thousands of clients over long durations.

ClientXperience™ is your answer, seamlessly bridging the communication gap with a consistent flow of information that keeps clients informed and involved throughout their legal journey.

Our distinctive two-way interaction approach cultivates a genuine sense of care and empathy, reassuring your clients that they are valued and understood.

By personalizing every touchpoint, including bespoke branded content and tailored scripts, we eliminate generic messaging, instilling confidence in your firm’s capability to deliver outstanding results.

Leveraging automated, frequent communication through emails, calls, and text messages, clients receive updates every 45 days, freeing up your time to build a winning case. Our state-of-the-art omnichannel contact center technology ensures accessibility across various communication channels, including text, email, and phone.

Innovative telephony analytics enable us to pinpoint the optimal time to reach your clients, while real-time case status and data transparency keep you constantly informed.

Our transparent pricing model features a cost-effective monthly and per-case fee, granting you the flexibility to access superior services and solutions that enhance your firm’s value.

At Case Works, our commitment is to deliver the highest level of professionalism, compassion, and attentiveness.

Our purpose is to empower lawyers to make a difference in people’s lives, and ClientXperience™ is a vital component of our all-encompassing suite of solutions designed to optimize client engagement and case management.

What it’s Like to Work with Us

Our journey begins with a discovery call to understand your needs, goals, and challenges. We prioritize finding the right fit for a lasting partnership and will guide you to the best match if we aren’t it.