By Susan Barfield /
October 18, 2022

MTMP Fall 2022 Recap

Thank you to everyone who attended!

Major Takeaways from MTMP

Women In Legal Leadership Reception Sponsored By Case Works

Great Turnout, Thank you to everyone who attended!

Alicia O’Neill delivered an inspiring speech about the power of women having a seat at the table.

Cro Bill Barfield Co-presented: Smoother Sailing: Expertly Managing The Case From Development Through Distribution

Concentrate on your clients: They are your business’ most vital resource.

Manage your portfolio like a business: Understand the numbers, balance your expenses with your profits, defer fees until settlement.

Engage your experts as partners: Use their experience and knowledge to collaborate, plan, integrate, and communicate.

Emerging Torts

Tylenol and Autism Litigation

New studies claims a link between acetaminophen use while pregnant and ADHD and autism in children.

Social Media Litigation: Addiction, Algorithms, And Adolescents

BREAKING NEWS – The JPML panel has centralized the Social Media Adolescent Addiction Personal Injury Products Litigation in the Northern District of California. Hear the latest updates in our interview with Matthew Bergman of Social Media Victims Law Center.

Camp Lejeune

Camp Lejeune water contamination litigation has significant demand in the market, making case acquisition prices very volatile. Firms interested in this litigation need to ensure they have the infrastructure in place to maximize the ROI by increasing conversion on leads as well as the capabilities to handle the high volume administrative tasks required with this litigation.

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