By Susan Barfield /
January 8, 2020

From Insights to Action

Gaining industry insights goes beyond experience; it’s taking time and resources to fully understand players in the field along with their biggest challenges and secrets to success. During 2020, Case Works is taking charge by hosting an industry survey to better understand law firms across the US contributing to the mass tort space.

The survey ends January 31, 2020 and takes approximately 4 minutes to complete. Though the survey is short, its insights will aim to better understand how attorneys in the mass torts industry space are handling similar issues and overcoming obstacles.

Making Connections

Often times leaders of organizations spend time and resources solving issues that other organizations have mastered. What better way to connect the two than through an industry survey? After the survey is completed, there is an opportunity for Case Works to host round tables and allow industry influencers to share their experiences with like-minded processionals.

Driving Actions

Case Works prides itself on the ability to become an extension of the teams we work with. Without this level of insight, vendors like Case Works are missing big opportunities to think ahead and identify roadblocks that, prior to industry insights, would have been missed.

Forecasting Success

If you’re a firm looking to grow your practice, the best way to gain insights is by experienced professionals who are in the trenches. What dockets are going to be most sought after? How are firms prioritizing the dockets they invest in? These insights are crucial to ensure your firm stays on track and doesn’t miss the mark in terms of investing valuable resources.

If you’re a firm in the mass torts industry, take a couple of minutes to contribute to our insights by sharing your experiences and expertise. Your contribution can benefit your firm and others in the industry. Plus, we’ll be sharing the findings soon through a downloadable resource.