By Susan Barfield /
June 30, 2022

The Power of a Great Welcome Call

When a new client hires your law firm, they expect competent legal services from capable attorneys. They also expect professional and courteous treatment that makes them feel like more than just another case.. A great welcome call is the first step in making this happen.

What is a welcome call?

A welcome call is the first contact your client receives after completing the intake questionnaire and signing a retainer. It accomplishes many things, the most important of which are personalizing the relationship with the client, confirming their information and reasons for seeking representation, and preparing them for the various facets of litigation by setting the expectations of what lies ahead to move their case forward.

A great welcome call establishes the tone of the attorney-client relationship and assures the plaintiff that they, and their case, are important to your firm.

When should the welcome call occur?

At Case Works, our experience has instilled in us a sense of urgency for every new case. We reach out to the client within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the signed retainer, while their case is foremost on their mind. This allows us to address any issues that need immediate attention.

What happens during a welcome call?

The welcome call is your opportunity to personally welcome new clients, establish a rapport, and set expectations. Case Works, on your behalf, will ensure that the client is confident in their decision to hire your law firm and prepared for what is to come in the months ahead.

During a welcome call, we confirm that the case is qualified based on your criteria. We verify important details from the questionnaire — including which records to order and documents to collect — and ensure that we have accurate contact information and request emergency contact information.

Thank the Client for Their Business

Clients appreciate being treated with courtesy and respect. They want to know you appreciate their business, value their trust, and consider them a top priority. It’s amazing how far a simple “thank you” can go in accomplishing this.

Confirm the Case

Although a signed retainer means you have a new client, it does not mean you have a well qualified case. The Welcome Call team at Case Works is skilled at ensuring that only qualified clients continue to the next step of ordering medical records.

During the welcome call, we review and evaluate the intake questionnaire to verify the case or identify a bad lead.

Communicate and Clarify Expectations

Depending on the case, a client may have important tasks to complete to move their case forward.

For example, clients often have to gather documents for their claims. During the welcome call, we will communicate this to them.

Required paperwork and records may include:

  • Medical records
  • Employment contracts
  • Drivers license
  • Death certificates
  • POA

Time is of the essence when it comes to the law, and it can take time to gather the essential documentation. Experience has taught us that communicating with clients early prevents delays later in the process.

Highlight Your Firm’s Strong Points

In addition to confirming a client’s case, a welcome call is a great time to reiterate your firm’s brand and strengths. It is not a sales pitch, as the client has already chosen your firm. Rather, it’s a way to strengthen your client’s confidence in their decision to hire you to represent them.

Answer Questions

Clients tend to have lots of questions about their case and the process. Taking the time to address their inquiries assures them that they matter to you and that their case is a priority.

We field any questions we are qualified to answer during our welcome call, such as certain logistical and timing questions. If clients have more nuanced questions, we refer them to the appropriate attorney on your team.

A client’s question may reveal important issues that the team failed to consider during the initial consultation. Discovering potential problems at the beginning stages of the lawsuit can mitigate their impact on the case.

Establish a Rapport

A great welcome call helps to establish trust and gives the client a reason to believe their case is important to your team.

Onboarding shouldn’t be a dry, impersonal process that makes clients feel like a case number. Even if you’re using online resources to bring in clients, you can make your clients feel cared for by following up with a great welcome call.

Keep them Connected and Engaged

Before the call is over, we make sure the client is connected with the appropriate people on their case. We provide the client with contact information, including email addresses and phone numbers, for everyone on their legal team.

Additionally, we encourage them to program our phone number into their phones so they’ll recognize us when we call them. This is especially important when time is of the essence. If they don’t realize we are reaching out specifically about their case, a client might reject the call.

When a client signs a retainer, they have the requisite level of confidence in your firm’s ability to handle their case. A timely welcome call will increase their confidence and solidify their faith in your firm’s ability to represent their interests. Case Works handles welcome calls for firms nationwide, providing a compassionate and informative introduction to your firm. Contact us today to learn more.