By Susan Barfield /
November 4, 2019

A Culture of Gratitude – Thanksgiving Year Round

I feel incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to meet and connect with so many talented individuals across the mass tort industry. As the CEO of Case Works, I’m often asked by prospective clients about Case Works’ value proposition and competitive advantages. I typically talk about our staff’s comprehensive knowledge of each mass tort and our operational efficiencies that keep cases moving forward. After recently reading How Did You Do It, Truett? I’ve decided to focus more on “why you’d want to work with and work for Case Works.”

We pride ourselves on a culture that focuses on gratitude, core values, and openness.

At Case Works, implementing an open-door policy has been crucial to our success. All employees have access to me and the other leaders to discuss their future, their concerns, and their personal lives. Honestly, I find this to be one of the most fulfilling aspects of my job as CEO. Delivering results to our clients is crucial, but ensuring my team feels they are supported is even more important. With more than 65 employees around the country, how do we do this successfully? Truth be told, it’s been a learning process. We’ve implemented monthly coffee sessions where team members can openly ask questions, discuss their interests, and share feedback.

Not only do we focus on openness cross-functionally, we expect openness with our partners and clients to ensure we are all marching towards the same goals. With weekly and bi-weekly calls we discuss ways to improve and identify wins that can be implemented in other areas. We believe Case Works should be a seamless extension of the law firm’s team – never siloed and always open to understanding the bird’s eye view.

Case Works has five values that we live by. In everything we do, we keep our values at the forefront – both internally and externally. All employees are encouraged to recognize other employees who embody the Case Works’ values on a regular basis through Bonusly, weekly reports, and team meetings. Our core values are:

  • Love: Love your company, be passionate, love your teammates, and love what you do.
  • Collaboration: Cross-functional alignment and teamwork.
  • Own It: Get things done!
  • 5 Star Leadership: Get results, deliver excellence.
  • Badassitude: Palpable sense of intensity for winning and perfection.

There’s no denying that our team members love working at Case Works. With the growth we’ve experienced, nearly 95 percent of all new hires have been referrals from our current employees. That’s pretty amazing when you think about it. Our employees, and even our clients, are appreciated on a regular basis. At Case Works all of us are so grateful for the work we get to do, we’re grateful for the relationships we have, and we want to pass on the good vibes to the clients we serve. Giving thanks is something we do on a regular basis, not once a year.

So with that, I want to thank you all! I am so grateful for our wonderful clients, partners, and the employees who make this all happen. Don’t wait until next November to start thanking people you care about – start today and remember why you love to do what you do!


Susan Barfield