Lead Complete™ Converting Plaintiff Data into Real Cases

Developing mass tort cases can be daunting and sometimes overwhelming for a law firm; Case Works makes the task manageable, and productive as an extension of your firm. Lead Complete™ begins this process, connecting directly with your prospective client on your behalf at the very onset of their journey, converting interest into a signed retainer, HIPAA and a real case.

Lead Conversion and Legal Intake: Expertise Counts

A challenging aspect of acquiring and developing mass tort cases is successfully converting plaintiff interest into a signed retainer with your firm. Successful legal intake is much more than just an outbound call from a CSR in some far away place. Empathetic listening, the ability to quickly establish rapport with your prospective client, and a working knowledge of the tort are keys to high conversion rates and establishing a relationship of trust and confidence with your firm. Using these critical tools, Case Works’ Lead Complete™ delivers industry-leading conversion rates, moving these newly retained clients seamlessly into the case development process.

Once the retainer and HIPAA are signed, Case Works’ proven case management protocols make case workup and client retention simple and easy, dramatically reducing fall off rates. Using branded communications with your law firm’s name and logo, your new clients will know the status of their case at every step. Automated emails and text messages on a pre-set frequency, along with regular person-to-person phone calls keep your clients connected, engaged, and informed. Specifically tailored for each mass tort, we leverage our Case Connector™ technology to handle the details and tedious administrative tasks ensuring accuracy, continuity and transparency at each stage.

Every Case Works contact center associate receives weeks of in-depth training in mass tort terminology, communication techniques, empathy and call control before engaging with your current and prospective clients. Project teams assigned to your docket and your torts receive specific training and continual retraining to ensure the highest degree of professionalism as representatives of your firm.

Our intake professionals are empathetic, highly accurate and skilled in qualifying your prospective client. Because of their extensive training, our specialists achieve high conversion rates and establish a strong initial connection between your firm and the client. Armed with the client criteria and retainer agreement, Case Works Lead Complete™ makes this aspect of mass tort development quick, easy and simple.

Case Works proprietary contact management technology intelligently sequences outreach to your prospective and current clients, using both a best-time-to-call consumer driven approach and customized scoring which lets us know when your client is most likely to be available. We brand all outreach under your firm’s name and use narratives and scripts specifically calibrated for the tort, the stage of the case and the desired outcome from the contact be it via text, email or phone call. When appropriate and productive, our associates will also use a video call to leverage the person-to-person rapport,, reinforcing the empathetic nature of the connection with the plaintiff.

All calls and contact efforts, whether successful in reaching the plaintiff or not, are automatically logged to update our calling algorithms and to ensure you have full transparency on the status of your cases.

A key to profitability in a mass tort action is finding cases that meet the criteria for successful settlement or litigation while not becoming bogged down with the rest. If you spend valuable resources on cases that do not meet the filing requirements, your profits will fall substantially. Our trained call center agents know how to ask the right questions to find clients that match the criteria for your case. Their training and competence will help improve your bottom line.

We have completed a significant number of successful intakes, so we know what is required. You can outsource your intake to us without knowing about mass tort intake yourself, and we’ll take care of everything. However, we also know that many firms need and want to customize intake criteria to match their unique processes. We are happy to customize the intake process and criteria to your firm’s needs.

You likely have leads coming in through your website or social media. Contacting these potential leads right away is critical for the success of your case. Most law firms lack the resources to aggressively follow up on leads in this way. However, we have the technology and staff in place to address every potential lead. We can customize how we follow up with these leads to meet your needs better. Whether we follow your customized protocol or our own tried and true methods, our quick follow-up drastically improves your conversion rate.

Our intake agents will also chase leads that you may have given up on and can turn many of those into clients, too. We can call these dead leads and sign them up with digital contracts immediately, again increasing your client numbers. All our work is designed to ensure you have the most significant number of qualified clients possible as you proceed with your mass tort case.

Every call is potentially valuable, and you can lose a potential client if a call goes to voicemail. Our well-staffed call center allows us to answer every call.

Once intake is complete and we know a caller qualifies for inclusion in the mass tort action, we can send them your retainer contract. We have technology that allows us to immediately send a contract digitally and obtain your client’s signature on the retainer agreement. This rapid contract acquisition will minimize dual rep issues and put you ahead of your competitors.

We can also send contracts through traditional mail, following up to increase the conversion rates in this medium, as well. For both digital or traditional methods, we create a callback program to continue to market your firm if the client doesn’t sign the first time around.

If new clients don’t hear from their attorneys within the first 24 to 48 hours, they begin to lose interest and feel they are unimportant. We make a welcome call to every newly retained client so that they know that your firm cares about them and to set clear expectations early in the process. Our welcome calls help your firm make an excellent first impression.

We have broad expertise in handling Personal injury, Product Liability, Dangerous Drugs, and Defective Medical Device cases.

A Complete Solution

Our legal intake services are just one aspect of the complete solution we offer our law firm clients. As mass tort experts, we can handle all of the development work from intake through filing so that you don’t have to go through the expense of hiring and training support staff. We free up your time to settle your client’s cases instead of spending it handling administrative details.

Contact us today to find out how our legal intake services or complete mass tort case development can help you meet the demands of mass tort litigation while improving client relationships and your bottom line.