Funder Collateral Audit

Law firm lending continues to rapidly evolve,

driven by institutional investor demand for the attractive non-correlated, risk-adjusted returns it can generate.
Law firm lending continues to rapidly evolve, driven by institutional investor demand for the attractive non-correlated, risk-adjusted returns it can generate. Specialized third-party due diligence services have not kept up with the evolution in law firm lending, and the need for such specialized due diligence, such as collateral audits, is sadly an afterthought.

As more capital continues to be invested, it is imperative that investors conduct thorough collateral investigations when underwriting their law firm loans – especially when it comes to mass torts.
Case Works is a leading provider of collateral examination services for mass tort firms and law firm lenders alike. We aim to provide due diligence services that independently verify the quality and value of a case based on a thorough review of the underlying collateral documentation.

Case Works can help you gain conviction prior to an investment and maintain this conviction through regular field examinations during the life of an investment.

Comprehensive Collateral Examination is Critical

In today’s world, due diligence in law firm lending is often limited in scope. Due diligence on a law firm, its partners, its track record, and the overarching merit of its case inventory misses one key item: the quality and existence of collateral documentation that underpins each distinct plaintiff in a complex litigation involving thousands of claimants. Failure to conduct a thorough examination of collateral can diminish case settlement values, thereby impairing the ability to repay loans.

Mass tort cases can have upwards of tens of thousands of claimants. To maximize case value, each claimant file should requires comprehensive collateral, including but not limited to medical records, medical reviews, plaintiff fact sheets, affidavits, and signed retainers. With high case volume law firms do not always maintain complete collateral sufficient to maximize resolution value. When law firms do not have the resources or systems in place to ensure that the collateral is sufficient and complete, the lenders can be the ones who take the hit. This is where Case Works can help.

Independent Collateral Examination Services

Standard collateral examination resources such as accounting firms and financial consultants do not typically have the legal background and expertise to provide an accurate analysis of a case’s underlying collateral documentation. With extensive legal knowledge and experience, Case Works is uniquely positioned to provide expert analysis regarding the quality, completely, and sufficiency of the underlying collateral documentation for a law firm loan. With us, investors can make a financing decision based on the underlying facts.

Case Works provides independent investigation from a legal perspective. Our specialists thoroughly analyze every aspect of the provided documentation vs. required case-specific documentation in order to provide expert findings on the quality of the underlying collateral.

Benefits of Partnering with Case Works

When you partner with Case Works, you gain the advantage of years of litigation experience and our readily available resources. By focusing solely on collateral review for litigation finance, we can drill down into the documentation to make sure that litigation investors are making sound financing decisions based on the information available.

What’s more, a thorough review of case documentation allows law firms to gain maximum value when the case is resolved. Rather than combing through pages and pages of documentation, the firm can focus on more important aspects of building the case. In the meantime, our dedicated Collateral Assurance team will apply its in-depth knowledge and extensive industry experience to create a comprehensive picture of the risks associated with the investment.

Our Collateral Examination

Case Works conducts vigorous collateral reviews geared toward providing a clear picture independent of outside influences. Our comprehensive selection of collateral review services includes:

Loan Diligence

We will conduct a review of all documentation pertaining to the case in order to provide an independent snapshot of the case. This allows investors to make informed decisions before committing to the loan contract.

Recurring Field

During the course of the case, we will conduct regular examinations of new and existing information in order to ensure that the documentation is sufficient and consistent with the stated value of the case.


We will continue to track case-specific developments that could compromise the underlying collateral, including bellwether developments and Daubert motions.v

Consulting Services

We are also pleased to offer general due diligence services, including but not limited to obtaining medical documentation, client diagnostic coordination, client communication and relations, demand letter creation, and case filing.
Each of our collateral review services is specifically designed to simplify the review process and maximize loan collateral. We aim to ensure that each case has sufficient documentation and collateral to support the estimated litigation loan amount. Our commitment doesn’t end with our first complete review, we continue to review case developments in order to ensure that documentation continues to provide sufficient support for maximum docket value. Finally, we help to ensure that timely and correct reports and documentation are provided to the lender by the borrower.