By Susan Barfield /
April 4, 2023

The Top Challenges for Mass Tort Attorneys

Mass tort litigation is one of the fastest ways to build your client base and grow your law firm’s business. However, multi-district litigation presents unique challenges for mass tort attorneys dealing with hundreds or thousands of plaintiffs. Case Works can help your law firm with outsourced intake, case management, and client engagement solutions so you can take on more mass tort clients without sacrificing client satisfaction.

One of the signs of a successful mass tort law firm is the ability to manage a large volume of individual clients while also handling each case with the attention is requires. Some mass tort cases involve tens of thousands of claimants. It’s understandable if smaller law firms feel hesitant about the volume of work they will need to complete long before litigation ever begins in the MDL.

Between meeting with prospective clients, administrative tasks, marketing, and financial monitoring, how can you get it all done and still have time to practice law? Using Case Works to outsource case management tasks such as medical record retrieval and review, legal intake, collateral examination, and more can help your firm effectively and efficiently scale to handle thousands of claimants, regardless of the mass tort your firm is pursuing.

Generating Qualified Claimants

Finding qualified plaintiffs is one of the most challenging aspects of mass tort litigation. You want to attract potential clients who meet the criteria for your class action lawsuit while avoiding the waste of resources involved in reviewing hundreds or thousands of claims yourself. When you do come across an ideal candidate, the goal is to have the would-be plaintiff sign a retainer with your firm.

Case Works’ Lead Complete vets claimants for you so you can sign the most claimants from your marketing campaigns. Our intake agents are trained to ask the right questions to find clients that match the criteria for your case, based on your specific criteria, your handling firm’s criteria, or the criteria of firms on the plaintiff’s steering committee.

Staying in Contact With Retained Clients

After you’ve retained clients, you want their experience with your firm to be positive. Clients expect more from their attorneys now more than ever before. They want frequent communication and status updates on their cases. A survey of female plaintiffs involved in multidistrict litigation found that nearly two-thirds of respondents were dissatisfied with their mass tort attorneys and didn’t trust them to act in their best interest, partly because lawyers failed to speak with clients about their needs and communicate expectations.

Case Works’ ClientXperience allows your team to maintain close communication with mass tort clients so they can remain informed and engaged at every step of the process. Our omnichannel contact center keeps communication simple yet comprehensive and customized specifically for you. Using your firm’s branding and case customization, ClientXperience is designed to foster close attorney-client relationships while avoiding dual-representation issues.

Mass Tort Case Management

Handling the large volume of cases that mass tort litigation requires can easily bog down a firm’s attorneys and support staff. It requires complex case management to retrieve and maintain medical records, medical reviews, plaintiff fact sheets, affidavits, and more for large numbers of plaintiffs. Additionally, mass tort complainants typically have injuries that occurred over many years, so you often need to review decades of records.

Case Works’ Case Ready Mass Tort Case Management & Development assists with mass tort conferences, case and time management issues, and profitability concerns.

Knowing When To Enter Litigation

Another challenge for mass tort attorneys is knowing when to enter a litigation. Becoming involved too early is high-risk but relatively inexpensive while joining late is low-risk but can cost more to acquire clients. You want your mass tort litigation cases to make financial sense to your firm.

Firms are tasked with calculating the costs and metrics of mass tort litigation to ensure the return on their time investment is profitable. However, keeping track of such data is cumbersome when you’re also working on building a case.

Case Works’ Collateral Examination Services can verify the quality of your docket based on underlying collateral. Regular audits of your investments help your firm identify its goals and determine metrics to measure your progress.

Mass Tort Solutions From Case Works

Outsourcing mass tort litigation case management to a third party can streamline the process of finding and retaining clients while ensuring the timing of your firm’s involvement makes good financial sense. Case Works solves many challenges preventing law firms from taking on multi-district litigation lawsuits. If you’re ready to take the next step in your mass tort cases, contact Case Works today.