Mass Tort & Personal Injury Litigation Support & Case Development. Our scope of services can be tailored to provide as much or as little support as you may need.

Introducing Case Ready™ – The case development process that has boosted efficiency across the industry, and is the operating core for law firms.

The administrative side of litigation is complex and time-consuming. Case Works offers a broad range of services to support your legal team, freeing up your time to focus on settling your clients’ cases rather than administrative tasks. We have expertise and proven protocols that deliver results. For many clients, we handle the entire case development process from intake through filing the case.


Just choose the services you need or have us handle all of the below. The two things our clients always say about us are we deliver high quality work and great customer service. You can count on receiving both as well!

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New Client Onboarding & Welcome Call

Review the Intake Questionnaire and enter into Case Management System

We work with your marketing source or we can use our own to help you acquire cases and ensure quality control is in place for all intake information

We offer engagement services to welcome and qualify your clients

Our client customer service team will contact each client to verify the accuracy of the information including dates and medical providers for successful record retrieval

Medical Record Retrieval and Management

We have established relationships with medical retrieval vendors or we can work with your existing vendors

We manage the vendor relationship, reviewing the weekly metrics and ensuring they are meeting their service level agreements

We submit the medical record requests and track the status through to delivery

We charge on a per-client basis, not a per-request basis and this includes resolving/curing any record defects

Medical Record Review and Summary

We research the science behind the tort and review the bellwether cases to create specific reviewer criteria and protocols for each mass tort we work on and we can also incorporate your specific criteria into our review protocols/process

We hire experienced nurses and train them according to our protocols to ensure we provide medical reviews that increase the chance of you settling the cases at the highest value

We have Quality Control processes in place to ensure our team is adhering to the protocols and we are continuously improving our protocol and processes to make them more efficient

We use advanced technology to ensure we obtain the highest quality and efficiency for our clients

Coordinating Client Diagnostic Services

Many mass torts require a diagnostic service to prove up the client’s injuries

We partner with Medical Provider Companies and Physician Networks to offer various diagnostic services as required

We coordinate the entire process and offer concierge services to help your clients navigate through the process of obtaining a diagnostic image and we manage the logistics to ensure you receive a report from the provider that highlights any injuries for improved mass tort case development

Client Management and Communication

On a mass tort level, with thousands of clients to keep track of, we understand how difficult it is to keep your clients engaged and give them the personal touch they deserve

We have an experienced engagement team that can help keep your clients engaged, informed, and satisfied

Case Operations Management

Our team of experienced Case Managers can help you manage your mass tort dockets

From helping you set up a case management system to managing your cases as they move through your system, to running weekly operations and docket meetings to ensure all bottlenecks are being addressed and putting a plan in place to successfully move clients along the case development pipeline

Our Plaintiff Forms Team

Our Plaintiff Fact Sheet team can take the burden off your team or be an extension of your team during crunch time to close out cases nearing a settlement deadline

We can call and follow up with clients to obtain the necessary information from them that you need to file their case

Demand Letter Creation

Our team will assist with the preparation of the demand letter, outlining the damages in relation to an injury

Filing of Cases

Our Case Work paralegals are experienced in filing cases

Let us be an extension of your team, and help you get your client's case across the finish line

Re-Engagement Program

Our Case Works team has a proven formula to re-engage clients at any stage of the tort, whether it’s to ensure they get a diagnostic test or simply to re-contact after an extended period