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Scope of Services

The team at Case Works serves as a seamless extension of your law firm to provide exceptional service to your clients. All outbound communication can be law firm branded so your clients feel safe and confident knowing your working hard on their behalf for the settlement they deserve. Case Works can provide the following expert services to assist your firm with case development.

Welcome Call to New Clients

When a new signed retainer is received by your firm, Case Works will contact the client to accomplish the following:

  • Welcome client to the firm
  • Verify accuracy of information received during intake and gather additional information
  • Set expectations about the litigation process and inherent uncertainty
  • Outline next steps so client knows what to expect
  • Review communication best practices so client stays engaged with the firm
  • Answer any questions client may have
  • Advance the case to Order and Review Medical Records

If we are unable to reach the client on the initial attempt, our team will continue to reach out via phone, text, and email. If we are initially unable to reach your client from our initial engagement, our Special Tactics team will be introduced to the process with the sole purpose of driving re-engagement to complete the required information for the specific tort. We take great pride in the efficiency of our Special Tactics team.

Client Finder Services

If we cannot contact a client after repeated call attempts, we offer the following Client Finder Services:

Basic Client Finder Service


  • Daily emails and outreach for a specific timeframe to re-engage clients
  • Send client a No Contact Letter to address on file
  • Complete a relative search and perform outreach to find potential vested parties to assist in information gathering

Advance Client Finder Service

includes Basic plus

  • Daily emails to the top three emails for 5 days
  • Send a Certified No Contact Letter to top two addresses if different than above
  • Complete a relative search and dial up to three immediate relatives once
  • There is no guarantee of contact

Premium Client Finder Service

includes a 95% guarantee to locate clients. 

Extensive search is performed.

Order and Review Client’s Medical Records

Once the welcome call is complete, our team will order and review your client’s medical records to determine proof of use and proof of injury with the underlying goal of maximizing the value of the claim.

We work with your team to determine the scope of records. Our case fee includes up to 2 hours of medical review.

We have no control over the volume of records we may receive for a case and if additional time is required we will cap our billable time at 4 hours max.

Complete review of client’s medical and pharmacy records

Summarize findings and enter information into our Client Management System

Establish proof of use and proof of injury for each client

Maximize the value of the damage model based on all available evidence

If necessary, acquire additional records to complete the review

Assign injury level and advance the case to Medical Review Complete

Manage ongoing client communication regarding case status and progress. Our process is designed to keep your clients engaged and informed along the way.

Contact clients to obtain missing information as needed.

Investigate cases in “Held” status to cure defects and move forward. We will dial the clients multiple times and send emails/texts.

Mange client information and documentation.

We provide Attorney Review Reports weekly so you are aware of potential problems, and have a complete understanding of your portfolio of cases.

Case Management

Case management is a general term encompassing everything required to keep your mass tort cases moving forward towards settlement. Our team is dedicated to your success and will do whatever it takes to move cases through the development process including the following:

Ongoing Client Friendly Communication

As a contingent fee firm, you invest time and hard-earned money into retaining and serving your clients. To protect your investment, it’s important to engage with clients and remind them you’re fighting hard for justice on their behalf. With hundreds or even thousands of mass tort claims, this can be an overwhelming challenge.

Our client communication utilizes emails, text messages and phone calls to provide regular touch points with your clients throughout the litigation process, including the following:

  • Monthly email updates on the litigation and individual case status
  • Email notification when the case advances to the next stage of the review process
  • Text and email notifications letting client know we need to reach them by phone
  • Reminders and updates when we need the client to provide additional information for their case
  • Regular reminders to update the law firm when their contact information changes

Plaintiff Form

Upon request, our team will assist with preparation of the Plaintiff Form (PF) for every case you file with the MDL or relevant state court. Our two-part process includes:

Preliminary review of the case file and medical records to prepare a draft of the PF

Scheduling an appointment with the client as needed to review the PF and complete any missing information

Additional forms or letters requested are invoiced at our paralegal rate.

If the defendant sites a deficiency in the PF and sends a Deficiency Letter, Case Works will work to cure the deficiency, following the procedures outlined by the presiding Court. If the deficiencies noted by the defendant are deemed to be objectionable or frivolous, we will work with you to produce the documentation necessary to file an objection with the court.

Fees for completing the Plaintiff Form ARE NOT INCLUDED in the Per Case Fee.