Maintaining a close, and vital connection with your clients can be overwhelming, especially over an extended period of case development and the lengthy proceedings of most mass torts. Keeping clients informed and engaged can be a challenge for law firms handling large case volumes. Case Works is proud to offer ClientXperience, just one of an integrated suite of solutions designed to support effective, cost efficient client engagement and case management for law firms.

Handling your clients’ needs while building a strong case is a demanding and necessary part of a productive attorney-client relationship. As with all relationships, continual, meaningful communication is key. That’s where ClientXperience comes in. This premium Case Works’ solution acts as a bridge between you and your clients to ensure they remain fully informed and up to date on the progress of their case.

Client Xperience

Staying Connected With Your Clients

The goal is to keep an open line of communication between your firm and the client. But that is often easier said than done when it comes to large mass tort portfolios. ClientXperience ensures information flows consistently and clients stay engaged from the beginning right through to case resolution.

ClientXperience facilitates a two-way interaction that lets your firm stay on top of clients’ needs while fostering a sense of care and compassion that can only be achieved when your clients feel heard and respected. This reliable flow of information will allow you to build and nurture a healthy and happy attorney-client relationship.

Your clients will never feel alienated because every communication, regardless of the channel, includes your firm’s branding and case customization. ClientXperience eliminates boilerplate messaging and builds confidence in your firm’s ability to provide exceptional results to each client.

This frees you to focus on the case and trust Case Works to effectively manage client engagement and communication. Not only will ClientXperience enhance your clients’ interactions with your firm, but it will also allow you to focus your resources on building a strong case to achieve the best outcomes for your clients.

Messaging That Makes a Difference

ClientXperience ensures each client receives communication from your firm every 45 days beginning shortly after the completion of the welcome call. In addition to making outbound calls, our team will return client calls promptly, so that, from the start, they feel valued and begin to establish the trust that will keep them engaged throughout the litigation process.

The comprehensive communication campaign keeps clients informed and aware of what their attorney is doing on their behalf. Case Works’ ClientXperience achieves this through automated regularly scheduled emails, calls and text message delivery and can include embedded videos and postcards or letter mail outs to provide clients with regular updates.

In addition, an added feature Case Works will host quarterly town hall zoom-casts to ensure consistent messaging. This two-way communication also provides for an effective means to ensure clients are reminded of what may be needed from them in order for their case to progress without delay.
At Case Works, we pride ourselves on professional, compassionate, and attentive service. We field questions, offer personalized solutions, and provide your clients with an outstanding experience.

Key Features of ClientXperience

The Case Works’ mission is helping lawyers help people. This means our comprehensive suite of solutions approach the challenge of client management from a holistic perspective. From legal intake, case development and medical records review to ongoing client communication, every aspect of litigation requires a scalable solution for success.

The robust features built into ClientXperience allow the Case Works team to provide your firm with meticulous attention to each client at every stage.

Your clients need you to be available through multiple communication channels to allow for ease of communication. ClientXperience uses omnichannel contact center technology to offer a seamless, high-quality communication experience for your clients.

This secure, cloud-based platform allows our team to easily move between communication channels to make communication convenient for your clients. Clients can reach us through text, email and phone.

The user-friendly features of omnichannel technology mean we stay active and alert. It allows us to be responsive and adjust as needed. For example, if we contact the client through one channel, we can easily switch to another because the technology stores the communication history. We can pick up where we left off without any interruptions or confusion.

Case Works deploys sophisticated telephony analytics to let us know when to contact your clients. It pinpoints the best time for them, increasing the potential for a positive connection and productive communication. We contact your clients when they are available, a key to ensuring the message is heard and received.

Case Works is committed to personalized service to your clients. The ClientXperience team uses customized scripts and content branded in the name of your firm to ensure that clients know all communications are coming from you.

The relationship between you and the Case Works team is as important to us as that between you and your clients. We want you to have the ultimate experience, too, so ClientXperience gives you access to real-time case status reporting and full data transparency. The results and notes of all communication with your clients are captured in the system of record and available for your access and review.

A low monthly and per-case fee reflects our commitment to bringing you the services you need in the way you want. Flexibility is the key to providing superior services and solutions which drive value for your portfolio.

With Case Works’ case management services, you can focus on what you do best — the practice of law.

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Case Works started in 2015 when founder Susan Barfield saw a need within the industry. She took a chance and developed a case management system that streamlines client communications and lightens the workload for attorneys. Her idea has grown and morphed into an effective, efficient solution for law firms.

Case Works’ dedication to your firm means we’re always working for you and the success of your firm. We have a passion for case management, so contact us today to learn more about how ClientXperience can set your firm apart from your competitors.